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Pricing For LASIK

The price for LASIK surgery will vary depending on the type of technology used for your procedure, the city where the surgery is done, as well as how skilled and well known the surgeon is. Surgeons with greater reputations tend to cost more because they are highly sought after.

According to several reports the average cost in the United States for LASIK surgery runs around $2,000 per eye.

You need to be carful about considering drastically discounted offers for the surgery because you may end up getting a surgery performed with older technology or by a less skilled surgeon so there may be more risks involved. Also be sure to find out everything that is included as it might not cover astigmatism, or other conditions. Another thing to note is it may not cover post-op care or follow-up visits. Read the fine print or if you can’t see well enough to do that get a friend who can and make sure you fully understand all the details.

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