Before going for a laser eye surgery in Los Angeles you need to do a research about some of the best LASIK surgeons in the city. In this article we are going to tell you about the top 5 LASIK surgery centers of LA.


Dr Paul C Lee of California Centre for Refractive Surgery (CCRS)

Dr Paul C. Lee of CCRS has been delivering affordable vision correction and ophthalmological services since 2000. One of the best LASIK surgeons of the city Dr. Paul C Lee member of American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and many other prestigious institutions, has won the Alcon Centurion Surgery Award, and the Top ICL US Surgeon Award. The team at CCRS makes it their responsibility to bring out the best vision in their patients.


Address: 4160 Wilshire Blvd. LA, CA 90010

Rex Hamilton of UCLA Laser Refractive Center

A professor of ophthalmology at the renowned Stein Institute, Dr Hamilton is one of the most skilled LASIK surgery experts of Los Angeles. He was one of the first surgeons of the Stein Institute to plant an intraocular lens for restoring the focussing power in the eye of an aged person. As a student of the University of California, Dr Hamilton earned numerous awards and accolades and topped his course. His area of research presently involves the area of multifocal and toric lenses for cataract surgery.


Address: 300 Stein Plaza, Eddie and Lew Wasserman Building LA, CA 90095

Dr Joseph Lee of LASIK Eye Centre

Dr. Lee who has performed more than 70,000 surgeries in the last 17 years is surely one of the most experienced LASIK surgery doctors of the city. He did his graduation from the University of Michigan which ranks among the 10 best Medical Schools in the United States. He did his research on refractive surgery from the USC/Doheny Eye Institute. Unlike any other doctors of LA, Dr. Lee owns 10 high end excimer laser machines. Receiver of numerous awards and accolades Lee has the cleanest record of any LASIK surgery doctors who has personally performed more than 70,000 surgeries.


Address: 3920 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90701.

David Wallace of LA Sight

Dr. Wallace who specialized in LASIK, PRK, lens implantation and other forms of vision rectification is one of the best ophthalmologists of Los Angeles. He has performed over 25,000 LASIK treatments and over 12,000 lens implant procedures. Named by the LA Magazine as one of ‘LA’s best doctors’, Wallace’s quotes frequently appears in magazines like Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Business week and many more. one of the pioneers in the field of high tech medical instruments, Dr. Wallace has many patents relating to microelectronic instruments.

Address: 11060 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

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